Bitcy - Project Overview, deposit of $ 50 + $ 295 (Bonus 3.5%)

Bitcy - a mid-income project with tariff plans: 2.3% per day for 15 days / 2.6% per day for 25 days / 0.13% per hour for 1440 hours / 7000% after 100 days / 155% after 15 days / 1200% after 60 days / 550 % after 20 days / 1700% after 40 days. Added under "Featured".

Why was it added to the "Featured"?

Since the time the project was posted on our blog, we successfully completed 2 laps of 15 days each, which brought us a total of 66% profit. Considering that we initially invested in Bitcoin, the profit percentage is much higher. The third round of our new deposit through the AdvCash payment system has practically passed.

Project statistics are available on the main page of the site (we published statistics at the time of writing).

Bitcy posted in the "Recommended" section due to the successful completion of several circles, as well as the smooth development and demonstration of the project's prospects. Of course, 68 days is not a long distance, but it still says something.



"The bounty program is an opportunity to get Bitcoins for free by performing simple actions aimed at popularizing the platform." 

This program is suitable for those who would like additional income, and even in the form of Bitcoins.

More information can be found here: Bitcy Limited Reward Campaign.

Video presentation

More recently, the Russian version of the site has become available. In this regard, a Russian-language presentation of the project for the CIS was released.

Official registration of a company in the UK

The company is officially registered in the UK and you can verify this at the following link: Registered UK Company.


Bitcy It offers us an average profitable line of tariff plans with daily income from 2.3% to 2.6%, as well as highly profitable plans with the possibility of withdrawing profit and deposit body at the end of the term from 155% to 7000% of profit for the term of work.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 20 or 0.005 BTC.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.50 or 0.005 BTC.

Payments - Manual.

Current tariff plans

I would like to make out for you tariff plans that are relevant in our humble opinion.

Tariff plans "Casual", "Optimal" and "Deluxe" are the most optimal investment options. Firstly, there is a low minimum entry threshold (“Optimal” is an exception, but it still remains available), the first two above-mentioned plans with daily profitability, the "Deluxe" plan is an After plan, that is, profit with interest will be at the end of the term.

Irrelevant tariff plans

I would also like to explain why we consider the other tariff plans irrelevant.

We consider tariff plans "Luxury", "Premium", "Professional", "Ultimate" and "VIP" irrelevant for absolutely opposite reasons: practically inaccessible minimum entry threshold, accrual of profit at the end of the term, long term. Everything is quite simple and transparent. As for the percentage profit from the "Premium" plan, in fact, the profit will not be 7000%, but 500%. Why take such a risk?


A two-level affiliate program is available 7% -2% of the deposits of your partners. There is also an opportunity to become a representative of the company and increase the percentage of profits from new deposits of your partners.

More information about the representative office can be found on the following page: Regional representatives.

We pay a bonus from the project - 3.5%.

How to make a deposit?

Important! Before making a deposit, make sure that you enter the necessary details in your account.

Creating a deposit is available using the following payment systems:

In order to create a deposit, you need to go to your personal account, then click on one of the "Create deposit" buttons.

Here is a choice of payment systems with which it is possible to invest in this project. Choose the most optimal payment system for yourself.

Then, choose a hosting plan. In our case, this is the "Casual" plan, in which we would invest $ 50. The amount must be entered below, under the tariff plans and click the "Invest" button.

We think it is important to show how to invest using Bitcoin. Choose this EPS.

Then the tariff plan. Everything is exactly the same as with other EPS.

Then you will see a Bitcoin address to which you need to send funds. Copy it.

Paste the copied address into the recipient line in the service where you have Bitcoin. Enter the amount, keep in mind that Bitcoin has a transfer fee, and send.

Opinion about the project

We can confidently say that Bitcy one of the most promising projects in the HYIP industry today. Every day, the company manages to attract more and more investments.

Rumors in the HYIP industry are not uncommon. Regarding Bitcy There were rumors that the Razzleton administration was working here, which successfully worked out and also brought more than 400% of the profit to its investors. Of course, everything on the site indicates that this team of administrators is operating here, but no one can be XNUMX% sure. If this is so, then the administration competently used the new trend of the Bitcoin payment system and started with only one EPS, which gave unambiguous successful results.

As for what the project has at a given time, then Bitcy recently, in addition to Bitcoin, it acquired Payeer, Perfect Money and AdvCash payment systems; the site was previously available only in English. Now Russian is available; there are official documents on company registration; reward system for simple tasks; video presentation.

In our opinion, the project is not going to stop at this stage of development and the difficult period for HYIP projects called New Year will be successful.


+ Standard set of EPS;

+ Present representative affiliate program;

+ Experienced administration at the helm of the project;

+ Official documents on company registration;

+ A large number of tariff plans;


- We consider some plans irrelevant;

- High minimum withdrawal amount in Bitcoin;

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 50 + $ 295.

Past deposits


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