Brain Digital - Review and feedback on the project

Highly profitable project;

Payment type: Instant;

Investment proposal: 14% per day for 10 business days;

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Project characteristics

Website:braind.netTitle: Do not pay
Start Date:25.08.2019Added to blog:26.08.2019
Have worked:3 days.Was on the blog:2 days.
payment type:instantOur deposit:20$
Min deposit:10$Insurance:-
Min.output:-Commission for withdrawal:-
Ref. program:7%Blog Bonus:+ 3.5%
Payment systems: Interface languages:

Opinion about the project

Fresh highly profitable project with interesting marketing. Due to accruals on working days, it can demonstrate good work. It is still difficult to say something about the advertising campaign, because the project only started yesterday. It is soundly decorated. I evaluate the project as a "dark horse."
I recommend participating in small amounts.

investment offer

Investment Plan Balanced

  • Yield: 14% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: Working days;
  • Investment Term: 10 days;
  • Deposit Amount: From 10 $;
  • Refund of a deposit: Included in the charges;
  • Overall yield: 140%;
  • Net profit: 40% + our bonus = 43.5%;

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