What is HYIP?

When looking for additional earning opportunities, you might stumble upon such a thing as “HYIP”. We consider it necessary to explain what it is all the same, because our blog monitoring is exclusively engaged in this kind of investment projects that allow you to make decent money.





I would like to warn all newcomers and not only about the possible risks of losing money that exist when investing in HYIP projects. Not everything is as simple as it might seem to you at first glance.

The term HYIP


HYIP (HYIP) - this is not a word, but an abbreviation, which from English stands for High Yield Investment Program - that literally means a highly profitable investment program.

Hypas position themselves as investment projects that offer everyone who wants to make a deposit in their fund and quickly increase their capital. We hasten to warn you that there is no real activity behind such projects and there cannot be any. The so-called “legend” of the project can be colorfully described on the site, which describes the activities of the “company”, indicates various areas of work, provides many certificates of official registration with a law firm, an SSL certificate can be installed in the browser line, which should convince the user in the security of his data, but all this has nothing to do with reality.

Hypas pay interest on the deposit based on investment plans established when the participant entered the project.

Crazy returns from 0.5% to 15% of profit on a daily basis are due to the fact that HYIPs work on the principle of a financial pyramid. Similar projects work at the expense of subsequent investments and the first earn at the expense of subsequent ones.

Types of HYIPs


In the modern HYIP industry, the separation of HYIP occurs by the percentage of yield per month. Hyps come in three forms:

  • Low income (earnings up to 15% per month);
  • Mid-income (earnings from 15% to 60% per month);
  • Highly profitable (earnings from 61% per month).

A fairly long period of time in the market of HYIP industry is dominated by medium-income projects, as they demonstrate more or less stable results. Medium-income investment projects knocked out low-income ones from the market because the result, most often, does not live up to expectations, but there are always exceptions. High-profitable projects cannot be called a rarity in the market, they are present, but the administration is as rare for them as for low-profit ones.

HYIP legends


As already mentioned at the very beginning, each similar investment project has its own “legend”.

A legend is a fictitious activity of a company that is absolutely always untrue and we recommend that you do not go in cycles in it, so that it does not blur your eyes before investing in this kind of project.

The main categories of legends that have been used in HYIP recently:

  • Cryptocurrency trading;
  • Forex trading;
  • Mining;
  • Investing in ICO;
  • Sports betting
  • Various investment activities;

Major payment systems


In order to participate in this kind of investment projects, the so-called HYIPs, you will need to transfer funds "to the Internet". For this, there are electronic payment systems.

At this moment in time, one can single out the most basic, most popular payment systems that are used in HYIPs. It:

  • Perfect Money;
  • Bitcoin;
  • Payeer;
  • Ethereum;

Of course, there are also payment systems such as Yandex.Money, QIWI, AdvCash and others, but they are not widespread recently.



We hope that we have explained in sufficient detail about "what is HYIP."

I would like our partners to always consciously approach investing, be aware of all the risks when investing in this kind of project, especially for beginners. Earnings using this investment method is highly risky.

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