Cloud Tech - Review and feedback on the project

Mid-income project;

Payment type: Manual;

Investment proposal: 0.8% per day for 3 days / 1.4% per day for 12 days / 2% per day for 30 days;

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Project characteristics

Website:cloudtech.ggTitle: Do not pay
Start Date:28.04.2020Added to blog:30.04.2020
Have worked:110 days.Was on the blog:108 days.
payment type:ManualOur deposit:50$
Min deposit:1.5$Insurance:-
Min.output:1.5$Commission for withdrawal:-
Ref. program:5%Blog Bonus:+ 2.5%
Payment systems: Interface languages:

Project status on aggregators:

Profit chart

Our depositTotal brought

+ 75.6 $
+ 151.2%

Cloud Tech Project Overview

At the end of April, a medium-income project from an experienced administration was added to our blog, which in the past showed good results. The project has a name Cloud tech and let's look at it in more detail.


About Cloud Tech

From the start to a mid-income project called Cloud tech increased attention and this is not just. They started an insider about the experienced administration, which in the past showed good results. At the beginning of the life of the project significant amounts were paid, but, as we see, the work continues without problems.

The project has a high-quality preparation both from the external and from the technical sides. There is an expensive presentation.

The start of the investment project took place April 28 2020. We participate from the very start, so there are good chances for profit. We go earlier - we earn more!

Investment project site, at the time of writing a detailed text review, is available on one language interface - Russian.

If you have additional questions about the site, then I recommend that you visit the "Questions and Answers" section, which provides precise answers to frequently asked questions.

Cloud Tech Investment Offer

investment offer Cloud tech consists of 6 plans. A key feature of marketing is the fact that in absolutely all investment plans, daily accruals and the deposit body returns at the end of the investment period.

Investment Recommendations: We recommend skipping the first tariff due to the low percentage of profitability, and we recommend participating in a tariff called “STM Robot” because the plan has an optimal investment period and you can fix the profit on time. Do not be greedy when investing in long rates. We recommend participating in amounts up to $ 200.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 rubles or $ 1.5. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100 or $ 1.5. Payments are in manual mode (the rules for processing applications up to 5 working days. In fact, payments are processed very quickly).

The total
0.8% per dayCalendar
3 dayfrom $ 1.5At the end of the period102.4%2.4%
1.4% per dayCalendar
12 daysfrom $ 10At the end of the period116.8%16.8% +
bonus =
2% per dayCalendar
30 daysfrom $ 50At the end of the period160%60% +
bonus =
We pay a bonus on the project. at the rate of + 2.5% from your deposit. To order a bonus, click on the button Order Bonus and fill out the form.

Cloud Tech Project Video Review

We recorded a video review, which we recommend you familiarize yourself with. Subscribe to our Youtube channel, leave comments and like the video!

Cloud Tech Affiliate Program

Partner program in the project Cloud tech single-level. In order to participate in the affiliate program, you must register on the site. There is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program, while receiving various bonuses.

ElementarySign up5%
StandardTurnover 5 000₽6%1%
ElevatedTurnover 25 000₽6%2%1%
ManagerTurnover 100 000₽7%3%1%
Senior managerTurnover 300 000₽7%4%2%
ExpertTurnover 1 000 000₽8%4%3%
PartnerTurnover 5 000 000₽10%5%3%
DirectorTurnover 15 000 000₽12%6%4%
You can earn extra money thanks to the affiliate program in the project Promote your affiliate link using banners, social networks, posting on your own website and so on. Deposits of your partners directly increase your earnings in the project.

Cloud Tech Project Instruction

We have prepared detailed instructions for working with the project, in which we examined: registration, creating a deposit and withdrawing funds.

Cloud Tech Project Opinion

Cloud tech He left an extremely positive impression on himself. The project is just starting its way and we have a great opportunity to start making money from the very start.

In general, the site is prepared perfectly. Outwardly it looks very good and the technical part is also at a high level.

The investment proposal consists of 6 plans, but we consider relevant 1.4% per day for 12 days with the return of the deposit body at the end of the term, due to the optimal investment period.

You can earn extra money in the project through an affiliate program by inviting investors to the project. You will receive 5% of the deposits of your partners. You can also improve the affiliate program due to the turnover of the structure, while receiving various bonuses.

The project will be a great option to diversify your investment portfolio. We recommend participating in small amounts up to $ 200.

This is our detailed text review of the project. completed.

We remind you that you have the opportunity to order a bonus from on the project at the rate of + 2.5% from your deposit. To order a bonus, click on the button Order Bonus and fill out the form.

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 50.

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