Coinri - Project Overview, deposit of $ 10 (Bonus 5%)

Coinri - An average profitable project with a tariff plan of 1% -4.5% per day for an unlimited time. Added under the "Tested".


In the section "About us" on the main page of the site Coinri You can find information on the official registration of a company in Scotland.

Also among the features of the project can be identified and marketing, which we will talk about below.


Coinri offers us a mid-term tariff plan on an unlimited basis with increasing daily charges from 1% to 4.5%. After reaching the 4.5% daily income mark, interest rate growth stops and is fixed.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.20 $.

Payouts - Instant.

As already mentioned, then in the project Coinri there is interesting marketing with a phased increase in the interest rate and its subsequent fixation. Thus, your initial interest rate will be 1%, in the next days, the percentage of profit will grow by 0.5%. On the 8th day, the percentage will be fixed at 4.5% of daily income and you will receive profit from this percentage on an unlimited basis.

A vivid example of how your profit will grow at a distance in Coinri.


В Coinri a three-level affiliate program is available 10% -2% -1% of the deposits of your partners.

There is also the opportunity to become a representative of the company and increase the percentage of profits from new deposits of your partners and at the same time add two additional levels.

We pay a bonus from the project - 5%.

How to make a deposit?

Important! Before making a deposit, make sure that you enter the necessary details in your account.

Creating a deposit is available using the following payment systems (SolidTrust and Bitcoin are not available):

In order to create a deposit, you need to go to the "Make a deposit" tab in your account.

After that, select a plan (He, in fact, is one here. It is not clear what kind of a second plan), enter the amount of your investment, and also choose a payment system.

Below there will be an opportunity to invest from the balance of the project, but because we only create a deposit we have no such option. Click "Make a deposit" and you're done.

Opinion about the project

Coinri It can be considered an interesting option for investing due to the unique marketing, which is now present in rare HYIP projects. We are not talking about the dignity of the project only in marketing.


+ Official company registration in Scotland;

+ There is a standard set of EPS;

+ Interesting progressive marketing;


- Going to breakeven on day 26;

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 10.

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