FatFunds - Project Overview, deposit of $ 10 (Bonus 5%)

Fatfunds - An average profitable project with a tariff plan of 2.1% per day for 140 business days. Added as part of the New HYIPs.


First of all, I would like to note that the content on the site is really unique and no repetitions were found.

"About Us"

In the "About Us" section, you can find information about a person who introduced himself as a professional psychologist and nutritionist, who strives to make the world a better place, ridding him of bad habits. If you are interested, be sure to read it. You may recognize yourself in this short text.


The site has a project blog, where the administration posts interesting articles from weight loss to healthy food.


In the "Menu" section you can find the food that you eat in eateries, cafes or even poppy donalds. You can conditionally refuse some food with the agreement on some interesting conditions.


With the slogan “Alcohol is harmful to your health” we go to the bar section. Here is exactly the same situation as with the "Menu", so we will not go in cycles here.


You can consider the rest yourself, to whom it is too interesting.


Fatfunds offers us one tariff plan - 2.1% per day for 140 business days.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 5.

Payments are automatic.

Using a calculator, you can easily calculate your profit, depending on the amount of the deposit. It's funny that in the image a chubby girl turns into a slender beauty after you move the slider of the deposit amount to the right and do not eat a bunch of calories.

You won’t write much about the tariff plan. The only thing I would like to say is that the plan is very working, especially since you can work with payments only on weekdays for much longer.


A single-level affiliate program is available that offers 10% of your partner’s deposit.

We pay a bonus from the project - 5%.

How to make a deposit?

Important! Before making a deposit, make sure that you enter the necessary details in your account.

Creating a deposit is available using the following payment systems:

On the main page of the site you need to go to the deposit calculator. In it we enter the amount by which we are going to make a deposit. Choose the currency dollar or bitcoin. Then, we put or do not put a tick “Compound payment”. This function is designed to increase your income through payments that will be made only once at the end of the term. We highly recommend that you do this. After all the actions done, click "Make a deposit."

We are transferred to a new window, in which we must choose a payment system with which we will make a deposit, and we also need to fill in the fields in the form. Keep in mind that the e-mail must be working, as you will receive a username and password from the site statistics, as well as your referrer id.

Opinion about the project

Automatic payments are one of the most positive aspects in the project. Fatfunds.

Unique content and legend undoubtedly make the site a cherry on the cake of the HYIP industry. There are basic payment systems, thoughtful marketing. What else is needed?!

Fatfunds - An excellent project that has already established itself as consistently fulfilling its obligations. That is why we are here.

I would like to apologize to the readers of the blog for not reviewing projects for a long time. There were some reasons for this. We will try to fix this incident.


+ Work marketing;

+ Automatic payments;

+ Unique legend;


- Long exit to breakeven;

- Payments only on business days;

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 10.

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