HideMy.name - Overview and Review of the VPN Service

Anonymity and security are important not only in the HYIP industry, but also on the Internet as a whole. We have prepared a detailed overview of the VPN service HideMy.name, which we personally have been using for three years and are once again going to renew the subscription.
In the review, we will analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and also describe how to work with it.

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About HideMy.name VPN Service


Before you begin, let’s explain what a VPN is.
VPN (Eng. Virtual Private Network - "Virtual private network") Is a technology that allows you to provide one or more network connections simultaneously over another network. Technology VPN Protects your online work from snooping, censorship and intruders. A virtual network is created through which you can use the Internet anonymously and safely. In order to connect to VPNneed an application such as HideMy.name.
HideMy.name provides VPN services since December 2006, which has earned the trust of many users.
Our choice is based on this VPN, because the service provides uninterrupted operation, does not maintain logs, does not limit traffic, and is affordable. Personally, we have been using this VPN for more than a year and are completely satisfied with its work.

VPN in the HYIP industry


If you care about your safety on the Internet, as If you work with high-risk investment projects, then you will definitely need a VPN. For the most part, a VPN will be needed for public persons, such as: blog and monitoring admins, HYIP-project admins. But this does not mean that you do not need a VPN.
Every day, without suspecting anything, you provide a lot of data about yourself for everyone to see, such as: full name, personal preferences and the like. A fraudster can take advantage of this and steal your data fraudulently. VPN will help to avoid this.



Obviously, a service like HideMy.nameThere are a number of advantages.

  1. 1 Security. HideMy.name To encrypt traffic, it uses the free and open technology OpenVPN with an RSA encryption key of 2048 bits and a 256-bit AES channel. Additionally, PPTP - MPPE 128 bit and L2TP - AES 128 bit protocols are used. For whom these words are not entirely clear, we will explain. The state cannot intercept your traffic and no one has access to your data, and all because of OpenVPN technology. In addition to all this, the VPN does not keep logs for you, which significantly increases your security.
  2. 2 Many countries and servers. At the time of writing, a connection to 43 countries is available in the arsenal of the service.
  3. 3 You can connect up to 5 devices at a time. This item does not make sense, an advantage on the face. You can use VPN on laptop, computer, router, phone at the same time.
  4. 4 Friendly interface... VPN is very easy to use. It is enough to download the application, install it, enter the subscription code and click "Connect to Server".
  5. 5 Compatibility. VPN from HideMy.name can be used on devices with Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, MacOS, and even routers.
  6. 6 No traffic limits... From the word "absolutely". You can download files, play games, stream at the original speed.
  7. 7 Cost. For the price, we highlighted a separate item in our review, which is displayed below.
  8. 8 30 days return guarantee. If you did not like the services of the service, then you can request a refund within 30 days and your money will be returned to you.



VPN service price range HideMy.name below the average. Only 31$ or 2 280₽ you can buy an annual subscription that comes out on 2.59$ or 190 ₽ per month. Savings come out of order 60%.
You can buy a subscription for a month, six months or 1-5 years. If you did not like the purchase, within 30 days of work, then you will be refunded!
I have an opportunity is free Test VPN for 24 hours.

HideMy.name VPN service instructions


We have prepared detailed instructions for working with the service HideMy.name, namely: described the process of buying a VPN, installation and how to use the service.

Our review of HideMy.name


VPN is an important application for free surfing the Internet. You exclude many points. For example, surveillance and insecurity. Online anonymity is guaranteed.
VPN from HideMy.name proved to be the best. Personally, we have been using it for the third year now, and they have been providing services since 2006 and have long earned the trust of many users.
We hope that we have detailed enough about the VPN service HideMy.name.
If you have any questions about the service or if you encounter problems, you can feel free to write to us using the contact details listed below.

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