The legends of HYIPs. What are they

Each investment project has a well-developed activity. Otherwise, due to what they bring a percentage of profitability to their investors?
Unfortunately, this is just a legend. What is a legend and why is it needed - read about it in our article.



What is a legend?


One of the main components of HYIP projects is legends. What is it and why are they needed? Let's get it right.
"Legend" is what this or that project is doing. We are talking about activities that allow the administration to generate income for its investors.
As a rule, in 99% of cases, the legend remains a legend and no activity is carried out in such projects.
The only thing we recommend paying attention to is:

  1. 1 Help with auto registration. The external component of the site should correspond to the nature of the company. An experienced investor can immediately notice the stock photos used in the design elements.
  2. 2 Documentation. If the company is engaged in trade, then the documents should not indicate sports bets. Also, documents must be truly registered. This can all be easily verified.

Popular HYIP legends


Not surprisingly, administrators have favorite legends that are often used when creating projects. This is due to reasons such as:

  1. 1 It works... There are time-tested legends that have been absolutely always and it seems that they will stay with us for a long time. Administrators are probably thinking, "Why would we reinvent the wheel?" and use already proven methods.
  2. 2 Confidence. Many legends of activity, especially for beginners, inspire significant confidence before creating a deposit. As for experienced investors, it is already much more difficult to surprise them and rarely you can see something really unique.

The most popular activity legends, in our opinion, are:

  1. 1 Trade in crypto currency. Probably the most popular legend, due to the fact that cryptocurrencies since 2016 began to gradually connect not only to the HYIP industry, but also to the global economy. This legend is found both in low-income and medium-income, and in high-profit projects.
  2. 2 Stock Market Trading. Another very popular legend. Most often you can find in the mention of Forex trading. Basically, this legend is found in low-income and medium-income projects.
  3. 3 Sports Betting. A legend that many administrators love, as it is quite simple to implement. Activities can be found in all categories of projects.
  4. 4 Micro lending. To give money in a loan so that you will be returned with interest? Easy! Another popular legend that is used very often in all types of projects.
  5. 5 Cloud Mining. In all cases, this is a fake legend, because it is difficult to implement, but nevertheless, this legend is popular today. There are not many similar projects, but they exist and periodically appear.

Of course, there are other legends of activity, but we have displayed the most popular of them.

Legend example


For a good example, we use a project called, which is on our blog and fulfills its obligations to investors.
The site in the section "About the project" you can read the information that the project has a team of professional cryptocurrency traders who bring stable income to investors.
So, what conclusions can we draw by reading this legend?
First, the mention of the book "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler is striking. Googling a little further than Wikipedia, we learn that this book, which few of us know about now, was especially popular in the USA in the 80s and 90s, and in Russia it was a reference book for a new wave of entrepreneurs in 2000. x. From this we can make an assumption that behind the project just such a person is standing - a successful entrepreneur, and most likely he is 35-45 years old. Unlike the legend itself, this fact already inspires much more confidence in the project. Of course, this is just an assumption, but it’s hard to imagine that yesterday’s schoolchild, who dreams of earning a thousand or two dollars on his own HYIP, will frantically look for which book to refer to in the legend to impress. And if he tried, it would be a waste of time - such details are noticed by a few investors.
Secondly, the mention of a business return of 3.5% per day. And the project offers investors up to 1.6%. Not forgetting that this is most likely just a legend, but nevertheless it is worth noting the presence of a relationship and the fact that such profitability is quite real when working with cryptocurrency. In many projects in the legend, we see figures completely "from the ceiling", there could well be a figure of 10% and 50%, just to impress. The work with your money in such projects is carried out in the same way: if the admin does not know how to work with numbers, then nothing will help the project. In this example, it is obvious that there is someone to work with the numbers, and this is also a good sign.
And thirdly, the cryptocurrency trading legend itself causes more respect, which is why. In order to start trading cryptocurrency on the exchange, it is enough to register an account and fund your account. Of course, if there is sufficient knowledge and experience. Therefore, the likelihood that the project admin does trade on the exchange, at least, exists. Moreover, HYIPs and cryptocurrency as a whole have much in common, therefore the probability is high. Another thing is that this is most likely in no way connected with the project. Nevertheless, the legend written by the administrator on the topic in which he really understands and works, causes much more respect than some incredible and obvious nonsense.
In any case, it is important to remember that this is only a legend and the maximum that can be obtained from it is indirect signs and a subjective attitude to the project.



Based on the article we wrote, you could understand that you still need to pay attention to the legend, but this is not so important, because the project will complete its work sooner or later.
A well-designed legend may indicate the administration’s serious intentions for long-term work, as well as the experience of the management team.
I would like to see new and interesting legends more often, otherwise sports betting and cryptocurrency trading.

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