Lensen Group - Project Overview, deposit of $ 25 (Refback 5%)

New Blog Project Silver profitLensen group. The start of which took place November 6 2016 years.

Startup, which has become something more significant.


Lensen group offers us as many as three tariff plans. By the way, one here clearly disappears (we are talking about the “Fixed 105” tariff plan). We will try to talk more about each of them.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

Payments are manual.

"Fixed 105"

Why exactly does this tariff plan disappear? Simply by the fact that it is not too profitable. If you want to get 105%, then there is an offer from other projects in 1-3 days, for example. 10 days for 5 percent is not serious.

"4.5% per day"

This tariff plan is clearly a workhorse for people who are going to invest up to $ 50. The percentage of 4.5% per day actually turns into 3.2% per day per week because it works only on weekdays. We invested in this tariff plan. Suitable for those, we repeat, who are going to invest up to $ 50.

“25% weekly”

The latest tariff plan is already with a minimum deposit amount of $ 50. It works daily and at weekends. The daily percentage is slightly higher than the previous tariff plan - 3.57% per day.

Payment systems

The following payment systems are available:


A three-level affiliate program is available.

There is the opportunity to become a representative of the company and receive increased referral charges. In order to become a representative you must have a deposit of at least $ 500 and submit an application on their website.

We pay refback from the project - 5%.

How to make a deposit?

Important! Before making a deposit, make sure that you enter the necessary details in your account.

Go to the “Invest” tab to create a deposit.

We are offered to choose one of three tariff plans, then a payment system, with which you will make a deposit and enter the necessary amount (the minimum amount for a deposit is $ 10).

Interface languages

The site is available in the following languages:

Opinion about the project

Lensen group seemed to us a very attractive project. Marketing is carefully thought out, but we did not like the first tariff plan too much and we recognized it as not working. The second and third plan - this is where you need to look for investment.

The site can be called multi-lingual, the translators tried.

Working from the beginning of November, it has already proved itself to be the best. We believe that many more will earn.


+ Participation conditions are available for most investors;

+ There are running payment systems;


- In fact, there are two workable tariff plans, not three;

- The second plan works only on weekdays;

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 25.

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