LiteTrade LIMITED - Project Overview, deposit of $ 25 (Bonus 1.5%)

LiteTrade LIMITED - medium-income project with tariff plans: 4% / 4.20% / 4.40% / 4.60% / 4.80% / 5% per day for 30 days / 110% after 6 days / 122% after 11 days / 136% after 16 days / 152% after 21 days / 170% after 26 days / 190% after 31 days / 300% after 90 days / 800% after 180 days / 1500% after 270 days / 2400% after 360 days. Added as part of "New Projects".

LiteTrade LIMITED - a mid-income project, which according to legend is engaged in investments in mining, in startups and ICOs, as well as engaged in cryptocurrency trading.


LiteTrade LIMITED It offers many tariff plans, which are divided into three lines: Trading, Mining and Innovations.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 $.

Payments - Manual.

Tariff plans

We divided the proposed tariff plans into current and irrelevant. Actual plans are marked with green pluses, and irrelevant plans with red minuses.

The range of tariff plans "Trading"

The range of tariff plans called Trading has in its offer 6 tariff plans with various conditions. Absolutely all the proposed tariff plans in this line have a key feature - the body of the deposit is returned at the end of the term along with the percentage of profit. It is best to participate in such tariff plans for shorter investment periods.

The range of tariff plans "Mining"

The range of tariff plans called “Mining” offers standard daily accruals for everyone with a fixed term for all offers of the deposit. We noted the current tariff plans from 4% to 4.4% daily for the reason that the remaining tariff plans with too high a minimum entry threshold.

Line of tariff plans “Innovations”

The line of tariff plans called “Innovations” is the most disastrous offer among all the lines of tariff plans. Absolutely all tariffs have a huge investment period and payment will be credited to the account at least 90 days later.

Bounty program

In project LiteTrade LIMITED There is a Bounty program that allows you to earn extra cash.

For example, you can complete a task with simple conditions and receive a cash reward.

You can track the results of your tasks by the button "Results".


A three-level affiliate program is available from the deposits of your partners:

There is an opportunity to improve the affiliate program by attracting partners. You must invite more than 10 active partners to expand the affiliate program to Middle User and more than 25 active partners for the Senior User affiliate program.

There are more extensive options for improving the affiliate program.

There is an opportunity to become a project representative LiteTrade LIMITED, thereby maximizing affiliate accruals.

We pay a bonus from the project - 1.5%.

Sign up

In order to invest in a project LiteTrade LIMITED You must register.

Click on the “Open an Account” tab in the upper right corner.

After that, fill out the registration form, where you must specify your username, full name, password, email, security question and answer.

Fill in the necessary payment details for you.

Then, make sure that in the line “Your Upline” the username is indicated silver_profit. Otherwise, we will not be able to pay you a bonus.

We agree with the terms and conditions of the project and click on the “Register” button to complete the registration.

How to make a deposit?

Important! Before making a deposit, make sure that you enter the necessary details in your account.

Creating a deposit is available using the following payment systems:

In order to invest in a project LiteTrade LIMITED in your account, go to the menu that is on the left and go to the “Make an Investment” tab.

After that, select the line of tariff plans and select a tariff plan.

Then, select a payment system and enter the deposit amount. Click on the Invest button to complete the operation.

Opinion about the project

LiteTrade LIMITED - High-quality mid-income project, which is competent and smooth promotion. The idea, design is much like one project, which, unfortunately, I will not voice. After a certain period, it will be clear whether the same administration is in charge or not.


+ Standard set of EPS + cryptocurrencies;

+ A large number of tariff plans;

+ Present Bounty program;


- A large number of irrelevant tariff plans;

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 25.

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