Robinhood - Project Overview, deposit of $ 20 (Refback 3.5%)

Robinhood - a mid-income project with a tariff plan of 17.5% per week for 63 days. Added within the "HYIP Laboratory".

Why was it added to the "HYIP Lab"?

Simply because the project is unique against the background of the rest and there is nothing for him to sit in for beginners. Partisaned his own and entered the active phase of development.


Robinhood offers us one tariff plan of 17.5% per week (payout at the end of the week) for 63 days. In theory, you will receive 2.5% per day, but still the condition is that the payment at the end of the week is relevant.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.10.

Payments are manual.


A four-level affiliate program is available from weekly accruals of your referral.

We pay refback from the project - 3.5%.

How to make a deposit?

Important! Before making a deposit, make sure that you enter the necessary details in your account.

On the left in the menu, select the "Top up" item.

Then, enter the amount of the deposit, as well as select a payment system.

By the way, a calculator is available on the right, which will show your profit for the week and total profit for 9 weeks.

Opinion about the project

Robinhood not a bad middle-income project, which we liked quite recently. There is uniqueness against the background of other HYIPs and this is an indisputable fact. There is every chance of joining the legendary Razzleton и Elizion.

The HYIP industry market has become empty, there isn’t even a choice from which, to be honest, but still the project managed not to fall under a series of March scams.


+ Smooth development;

+ Uniqueness in marketing, affiliate program and design;


- Payments once a week;

- Affiliate program only from weekly accruals of a partner;

Our deposit

Our investment in the project amounted to $ 20.

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