Robocoin - Project Overview, deposit of $ 20 (Refback 5%)

New Blog Project Silver profit — Robocoin. The start of which took place December 25 2016 year. Again, we liked the Telegram bot. Let's explain what exactly.


2.5% per day on 60 days... Net profit - 50%.

Contribution is included in payments. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10.

As for payments, they are instant.

You can use yield calculator on the site to calculate how much you can earn in 40 days, two months or half a year.

Payment systems

Robocoin works with such payment systems as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, AdvCash and Payeer.


Affiliate program 10%.

We pay refback from the project - 5%.

How to connect to Telegram bot?

We have prepared a simple instruction for you to start using the Telegram bot.

1. You can download Telegram here.

2.Connect to @robocoin_bot in the messenger.

How to make a deposit?

After we go to Telegram and we launch the bot, select the language, then we will be greeted by the following menu.

To replenish the balance we need to go to the tab "Invest".

Then choose a payment system with which you will make a deposit.

Choose a deposit amount, it is fixed here.

You will be given a link to pay. Push "here" : )

You will be redirected to such a page in the browser:

I chose Bitcoin, so I need to transfer to a wallet that I was given 0.0098 BTC.

When choosing Perfect Money or Payeer, you will have an identical page with this PS.

Interface languages

At the moment, only two languages ​​are available on the website and in the Telegram bot: English and Russian.

Opinion about the project

The admin is Russian-speaking and this is his first project and immediately a Telegram bot, which is worthy of respect. We hope that he will cope with the difficulties, but we do not expect mountains of gold from him. The maximum that we recommend to invest in the project is $ 50. Do not throw it from the start.

For the New Year holidays, a special offer was introduced: for sending a Christmas tree smiley to the bot, they were given $ 1 as a gift.

The site only plays the role of a business card, although it is possible that this is not a minus at all.

Unfortunately, I would like to see the favorite automatic payments to the wallet.


+ Smooth start;

+ Fixed tariff plan;


- 40 days to breakeven;

- There are no automatic payments with a withdrawal to the wallet;

- The first project from this admin, inexperience can affect;

- Engaged in a small audience;

Our deposit

Our test deposit was $ 20 through Perfect Money PS.

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