Bonus Order

In order to receive a bonus, you need to register using our affiliate link and order it in the appropriate form below.

The bonus is paid for all projects that are in the section "Hype monitoring".


Your investment in the project amounted to $ 100.

The project has an affiliate program: 10%.

We pay a 50% bonus, that is, 5% of your deposit. When ordering a bonus, you will receive $ 5.

Bonus ordering rules

  • The bonus is not paid for projects that have been submitted (stopped paying, there were problems, delays, etc.), if we have not received payment from them!
  • Payment is made to the same payment system with which the deposit was made.
  • Applications are processed within 48 hours.
  • Applications submitted later than 48 hours will not be processed.
  • Cryptocurrency bonuses are not paid. Convert your deposit into dollars.

Bonus order form

Fill in all the necessary data in the form in order to receive a bonus.

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